All about Laser Cut Car Keys and Transponder Keys

Despite all efforts and technological advancements in controlling crime; there seems to be a lot more yet to be done. This is evident by the fact that in spite of modern security and alarm systems in order to prevent car theft; there are still a large number of car thefts happening across the country as well as other places in the world.  One progress has been made in the form of laser cut car keys that have replaced the traditional type in all the new models. These keys promise a greater protection.

The Other side of the Coin

No matter how wonderful these keys are; one can still lose them or misplace them or worse they can even be stolen. This is the downside to every type of key access. The replacement of such keys by the car manufacturer is a very costly affair since very sophisticated equipment is needed to recreate them. One alternative is to contact the best locksmith who is proficient with these modern keys for a duplicate. This option is the cheapest and the best especially if the car is no longer in the warranty period.

Procuring from Dealers

Dealers can of course be contacted for the replacement and they will surely arrange for this on the client’s behalf with the company. However, this will take time to be delivered as there are no ready made keys with the dealer. Each of the laser cut car keys is unique and that is why the replication of a lost one takes time. The best option is definitely the local locksmith who has all the specialized tools and equipment necessary to make the keys. Another advantage is that the car need not be towed anywhere; the locksmith will come to the spot where the car is and use portable specialized equipment’s to make a duplicate key.

The Transponder Key

This type works only by feeding in a matching code. This has been invented to tackle those burglars and car thieves who are able to steal a car that can be opened with the above mentioned type.  The replacement of this key is also very difficult and hard to get a replacement from the company as well because it will require shelling out quite a few dollars and then waiting for weeks to receive it. All this means that the car owner will have to do with public transport in the meanwhile which can be quite a hassle in the rush hours of the day. It is better to get in touch with a modern locksmith and have the problem solved immediately.

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